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A dataset of over 300 data science interview questions & answers

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Project Statement

Recently I had a random question that is there a dataset containing a variety of data science interview questions & answers? For now, I didn’t find any so I decided to create on my own! 🥳

Hence I spent several days gathering over 300 data science interview questions & answers…

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

This project includes steps of necessary exploration data analysis and the workflow of building a categorical salary predictor based on real-world data scraped from the Glassdoor.

Essentially, my goal is to have a better understanding about the data science job market so it will be fun ;)

Part I: Scrape Data from Glassdoor with the Selenium

In terms of…

In this project, I managed to generate word clouds based on Quantum Physics articles from year 1994 to 2009 on

Original dataset can be found on Kaggle:

Before introducing my work, I would also like to recommend readings related to my work that I learned a lot from on…


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